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12 Months of Giving – MAY, JUNE, JULY GIVEAWAY ☀️🌈

Full disclosure: I’ve been slacking on my monthly giveaways. But, to be fair… summer is always such a busy time of year for my family and I. We’ve had birthdays, weekend getaways, weddings, holiday celebrations, and more! So many fun memories made so far! With that being said, I’m combining months MAY, JUNE, and JULYContinue reading “12 Months of Giving – MAY, JUNE, JULY GIVEAWAY ☀️🌈”


👋Welcome👋 to my monthly featured author post as part of my blog series: TWO CENTS TUESDAY! This Tuesday we hear from Tamara Girardi about her recently published board book WHY DADDY, WHY! For those of you that don’t know, one Tuesday of every month I will feature an author I’ve created educational resources for. AsContinue reading “TWO CENT💲 Tuesday: FEATURED AUTHOR TAMARA GIRARDI”


Despite the lovely central Illinois weather topping out at a whopping 39 degrees today, I can’t hide my excitement for SPRING! Did you say writing contest? Oh….no? 🤣 Well, just a few weeks have gone by since the last contest, so it seems like an approrpiate amount of time has passed for another exceptionally funContinue reading “SPRING FLING 2022🌷🌱”

12 Months of Giving – MARCH GIVEAWAY ☘️

It’s officially March – another month, another giveaway! Although I don’t have any Irish heritage (that I know of anyway) St. Patty’s Day has always been a favorite in our household…even from childhood…I’m the little lassie on the right! ☘️ Usually, my Grandma would make her way to our town’s parade and weasel a festiveContinue reading “12 Months of Giving – MARCH GIVEAWAY ☘️”


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