12 Months of Giving – MAY, JUNE, JULY GIVEAWAY ☀️🌈

Full disclosure: I’ve been slacking on my monthly giveaways. But, to be fair… summer is always such a busy time of year for my family and I. We’ve had birthdays, weekend getaways, weddings, holiday celebrations, and more! So many fun memories made so far!

With that being said, I’m combining months MAY, JUNE, and JULY into one MEGA GIVEAWAY! Yes, you heard that right… THREE WINNERS in ONE POST!

I *did* already post a MAY giveaway. So, those who commented and entered on that thread will also be included in this MEGA giveaway opportunity!

The good news is… I’m offering some REALLY EXCITING new options (continue scrolling to see)! But first, remember that I create a whole slew of educational resources for authors looking to promote their stories. Watch the video below to see exactly what I offer.

This month I’m featuring 3 resources/services. Winning participants can choose ONE of 3 customized activities/services that will help promote their picture or board book, sell their author vision, or develop an idea.

The educational resource can be given out during a classroom visit, during a launch party event, emailed to website subscribers, or posted on an author website / social media account. The logo design can be added to your Twitter account and/or website header. The manuscript critique will involve line by line edits.

#1 LOGO / BRAND CREATION – Up to 5 customized writing logos to choose from, created by yours truly! Receive two files with options to add to your author website and/or Twitter profile. Check out the recent logo options I created for Emily Holi’s website. Visit her author website HERE.

#2 EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE – Any customized educational resource needed to promote your book. Check out this customized resource I created to supplement Lisa Riddiough’s LETTERS TO LIVE BY. Lisa wanted an activity ot match her book AND her local library’s summer reading program theme. Order Lisa’s super special book HERE.

#3 PICTURE BOOK CRITIQUE – A detailed, line by line picture book critique offered by yours truly! Manuscript must be non-rhyming and no more than 1,000 words.

Soooo, how to enter for May/June/July?
1. Subscribe to my website (at the bottom of the homepage)
2. Follow me on Twitter
3. Comment on this blog post telling me your favorite summer memory and comment with which option you’d choose if you win!

THREE winners will randomly be chosen in August! Good luck! 🤞💕

42 thoughts on “12 Months of Giving – MAY, JUNE, JULY GIVEAWAY ☀️🌈

  1. My favorite summer memory is picking wine berries with all my cousins at our annual summer vacation in NY near a lake. To this day, I adore and seek out wine berries!

    It would be amazing to win any of these prizes, but the logo one is so unique and the ones you’ve done are incredible! 100% that prize!

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    1. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for offering this! Those are all great options… I would like the logo one if I’m chosen please. My favorite summer memory is from last summer when I took my kids to Disneyland and the beach for the first time. The joy and excitement they had for everything made it the best summer ever!


  2. My favorite summer memory are family reunions at lakes. I love love love jet skiing!
    I would love the logo creation. You are amazing at what you do!

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    1. No better time than summer to spend together with family! Jet skiing sounds like a blast…not too confident in my jet skiing skills though, LOL! Thanks so much for entering & good luck! ❤


      1. Thanks for this opportunity! A favorite summer memory of mine is evening campfires at Girl Scout camp, songs, s’mores and friendship💚🌲🌜🔥⛺️🍢🌟🎼. I’d love a logo!!


  3. Hi. Thank you for this fun give away! My favourite summer memory at the moment is going to the fair with my kiddos. I’m still revelling the fact that at 12 and 13 they will still go on the rides with mom! 🙂 I’m gonna hang on to that while it lasts. 🙂 I love your logo designs so I would pick that one! Thanks again. I hope you have a great summer! ❤️

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  4. My favorite summer memory is my dad carrying me into the ocean on his shoulders and having to come back to shore when a baby sand shark was on his toe!

    I have struggled many hours try to create a website banner. You are super talented and I’m in awe! Thanks for this opportunity!

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  5. My favorite summer memory is getting stuck in a tube at Raging Waters and seeing my little nieces laugh at my struggle.

    I would love a pb critique 😀

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  6. My favorite summer memory is taking my dog to the beach for the first time! He was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. 😍

    Wow, so hard to choose which prize because they are all SO amazing! The logo seems really special.

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  7. My favorite summer memory would be the first time I got to bring my 27-weeker preemie daughter out for the first time to experience nature in a park after an almost 3-month stay in the NICU. My first choice would be educational resource because I also do some graphic design. Thank you for your generous offer!

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  8. My favorite memory so far has been watching fireworks with my daughter on the beach of a mountain lake.. number 3 for me, if I am lucky 🙂

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  9. One of my favorite summer memories (there are so many!) is waking up early in the outer banks so my papa could take us to the beach to wait for the green flash. IFYKY.

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  10. Favorite memory this summer has been spending time at the lake with my kids. This giveaway totally rocks, and I’d love option #2. Thanks for your positive presence in our writing world! 💜

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  11. My favorite summer memory is biking to “Fish Lake” with my neighbor friends to get a treat after lunch!
    A picture book critique would be amazing!
    Thank you!

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  12. Loved the first view of the water on lake days when my grandma and uncles came for a visit!

    I’d love any of the prizes, but I don’t have a book to promote YET, and since I have NO artistic talent, I should probably choose the logo. The ones you created were so fun and beautiful!

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  13. Fabulous, Molly!! The writing community never ceases to amaze me – very generous.

    A favorite memory of summer is of little me watching (from an upstairs window) my dad mow the grass and thinking how very special the moment was. I remember telling myself, at the time, “You better remember this.”
    Turns out, every so often I still can recall the scent of that sweet summer grass, the glint of that early morning sun, and the love of my father.
    I have no idea why 8 year old me would be so mindful to savor that moment in time but the me now sure is glad she did.

    Should I be one of the lucky winners, I would choose the picture book critique.

    Thanks, Molly.

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  14. My best summer memories are celebrating my August birthday with an all-day bonfire at the beach with my family and friends. Boogie boarding, volleyball, ice cream from the snack shack, but mostly… sisters and cousins and friends…. And snacks. Gotta have good beach snacks.

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  15. One favorite summer memory was introducing my (then) two-year-old to a snow cone, which he loved so much he called it a “blue cake” for the rest of the summer.

    Thanks for this giveaway! I would be excited about any of the prizes, but would find the logo most useful right now!

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